How does LiquorPros help Colorado establishments? 

Licensing Support

We at LiquorPros are experts in state, county, and city guidelines. With years of experience all over the state of Colorado we know the pitfalls and regulations well. We help connect you with some of the top liquor licensing attorneys in the state so that you can get approval without all the headache. The liquor license attorneys are critical in the application process and hearing representation. Our focus is the need and desire surveys and training for you to acquire and retain your license.


LiquorPros has spent years refining it’s training program for the service of alcohol. We offer diverse training- including On-Premise, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, Nightclubs, Hotel & Hospitality, Golf Courses, and Special Events. We also offer On-Premise training to our clients! What we at LiquorPros do is deliver all the necessary rules and statutes in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and at times can downright funny! You can expect an awesome training experience with our dedicated team!


Transparency and accuracy are vital in applying for a liquor license. This is especially true of the neighborhood need and desire surveys that take place. This can either be your ace in the hole, or your biggest pitfall. LiquorPros is dedicated to provide an impartial and unbiased survey. Why? When you’re testifying in front of the liquor authority, unbiased accuracy will always

At LiquorPros, we make sure that your neighborhood surveys are done right. Our team of professionals are equipped to get accurate results in a highly professional manner. We make sure to provide a professional and impartial survey so that you are ready to testify in front of the Liquor Authority with unbiased accuracy!


certification resized

-LiquorPros takes care of your training from A to Z

-Upon completion of the course, we provide a letter detailing all of the
participants, their test scores and copies of their training cards.

-We send the letter directly from our company to the appropriate
jurisdiction, which will be placed in your liquor license folder.

Employers will receive a certification letter, along with individual certification cards
that can be distributed to each 
participant and kept on file for insurance purposes.

-For court-ordered training, we send the letter to the appropriate
jurisdiction AND to the probation office or prosecutor’s office.

Our training focus 


We offer several types of training, including On-Premise training.
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