LiquorPros has worked with alcohol manufacturers and brewpubs all across the state of Colorado. Distilleries, Wineries and Breweries may require a Colorado Manufacturer’s License. Brew Pubs usually require a specific license, known as a Colorado Brew Pub License, which allows sale and consumption on premises of malt, vinous, and spiritous liquors, and permits the manufacture of malt liquor on the licensed premises. Malt liquor which is manufactured on licensed premises may be sold for consumption on the premises, sold to an independent wholesaler for distribution to other licensed retailers, or sold to the public in properly labeled sealed containers “to go.”  Contact your attorney to find out what type of license your business needs, and what requirements there are for your situation. You can also read our Types of Liquor Licenses page for more information about other common kinds of liquor licenses in the state of Colorado.

Brew Pubs

LiquorPros can help most types of businesses with their liquor survey and training needs, but always recommends that their clients consult with an attorney to determine what kind of liquor license they need, and/or for any legal advice. Just getting started and need an attorney referral? LiquorPros has worked with many law firms and attorneys over the years, and is happy to give you their contact information.  Contact Us for more information and find out how we can walk you through the liquor licensing, survey and training process. 

   HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF our past winery, distillery & brewery clients: